Help for the Homeschooling Hero Week #11 Devotional “Entertaining Angels”

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

Help for the Hero

             Have you ever made contact with a person you suspected was an angel?  I have come across one such figure, in a person who offered to shovel the snow for me during a particularly bad storm in Michigan when my parents were ill.  As a small child, God knew I was much too weak to be doing the task myself but just as I began to tackle the job anyway, someone walked through the snow directly to our home.  He clearly had something developmentally wrong with him, but he communicated to my parents that he was there to help and would not accept the money they offered to him.  We never saw this kind stranger again on our small suburban block, but we knew that the Lord had brought someone very special to help my family in a time of need. 

            In my family’s situation, the stranger came to our door to bless us, and believe me, we were ready for it!  My mother was a strong woman of faith, and to her it made perfect sense that when she was desperately ill, didn’t have much money, and needed help that God would show up and show off a bit!  Don’t be afraid, mother to pray to God for help and to let other Christians know when calamity strikes.  Word may spread and someone from your community or God’s community at large (even an angel!) may come to show you God’s special love. 

            If you have extra resources, small or large, prayerfully prepare your family to bless another person or family this week.  There are examples in Scripture where someone hosts God’s leaders in their own home for a season (Elijah, in 2nd King 4:8-10), calls to help orphan and widows (James 1:27), or even put money out for someone else when they barely had anything to live on themselves, as in the case of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4).  My husband had a friend in college whose godly family hosted him for sleepovers occasionally during the frequent Michigan snowstorms he encountered, and this family really ended up showing him a model of a loving and healthy Christian family, in addition to sheltering him, quite literally, from the storm. Another of his college friends’ had frozen chocolate chip cookie dough so when a friend in need came for a visit, there was always a sweet treat to offer, along with the family’s compassionate and friendly conversation.

            Should a stranger or needy friend appear at your door this week or afterwards, use your God-given wisdom and common sense.  When it is the right timing, and your door opens to a lonely neighbor or a desperate child, what a wonderful opportunity for your children to see you help another family, or even be blessed by another family! 

Kids Can Too!!

             Homeschooling blesses our children in so many ways, one of which allows them to see us ministering in action to the weary strangers who come our way.  But don’t just wait for the stranger to find you (and use discernment when they do, momma!).  Whatever stage your family is in, there is a way to help the people who don’t know the Lord. Whether it be that you make plans to visit a soup kitchen, have the kids do chores to buy food or livestock for a family in another country, visit a nursing home with Bible verses, cookies and homemade pictures, or do an adopt-a-block program through church, we can give our children not only the experience of seeing us serve those who are less fortunate but also letting them be a hero-in training themselves.  Sharing Jesus’ love with others is our calling as Christians, and the earlier we get our kids sharing with others, the more unsaved will be brought to the Lord, and the more it will become part of our children’s’ very fabric and nature.  If we are so fortunate, we just may find ourselves entertaining an angel along the way!

 Marriage Mission

            Talk with your husband about his interest in helping those who are unsaved or needy, and then together take time to share your thoughts with your entire family.  If your husband would like to lead a project, make sure to stand aside and allow his gifts to shine through.  Having a heroic earthly father is a wonderful thing, but the kids need to see it to believe it.  Allow each family member to discuss ways they can personally help you as you plan. Pray together for the Lord to give you success.  It is also helpful to plan a Bible memory verse the any of the family can easily say when the Holy Spirit prompts on this adventure, or to bring along Bibles to share with the gift of food, clothing, or money, so that the recipients know, without a doubt, that the gift was offered in Jesus’ name and to His glory. 

Power Up!

Dear Lord,

            How exciting it is for me to consider hosting angels and sharing my resources with those to whom You call me to minister.  Help my family to have wisdom about everything involved in our outreach, and please bless the results.  Help us to give out of Your excess, and to not withhold the great treasure of salvation from those around us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



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