Reflections Counseling Center is happy to accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash. Here you can use your debit or credit card to make a secure payment for a counseling or coaching session or package or pay for another previously agreed upon charge. Make sure to include your email, so we will get an immediate copy of your payment. There is no need to complete the “shipping” portion of the payment section, unless you would like a copy of our workbook, RELATE, sent to you, in which case you should let us know that you are including a $10 payment for that in advance. (If this is the case, or if someone else if making the payment for you, please send us an email to to let us know who the payment is for). For payment issues, contact us at 941-301-8420 or, our payment service provider at 1 (866) 682-4131.

Make a Payment

How Much Are Services?

Reflections Counseling uses a list of standard fees for each therapist or coach based upon the length and type of counseling session or service.  Many issues can be solved in only one or two sessions, while others take longer to get a handle on. Reflections Counseling therapists and coaches are bound by ethical codes that keep us intent on helping you solve your problems in a time-honoring and cost-effective way that you are comfortable with. For clients who cannot afford the standard fees, there are often alternative payment options, such as payment plans or adjusted rates on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the particular circumstances. We accept cash, check, money order, and all major credit cards.


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